Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All cookied out, but ready for Christmas.

I started with recipes for about 8 varieties of cookies, and ended up making 4 (with extra plain-jane cookie dough waiting in the fridge, perhaps for a Christmas Eve decorating party?). And that's going to be it for now. It gets to be a lot of work, baking so may cookies with an infant around- doable, but a major workout. And its tired me out. Charles and I are going to do some cuddling tomorrow, I think, instead of baking cookies. We prepared this sampler plate for Trav, for when he gets done with work tonight. So we've got molasses, hershey kiss peanut butter (a little crumbly), a lemon-glazed white cookie, and a Christmas cookie with orange zest kneaded in the dough and a semisweet chocolate drizzle (my favorite this year). After we decorate cookies, we'll have a little more color in there.

Otherwise, we're pretty much ready, and excited to be hosting the first Christmas (of course we always get to have more than one Christmas, so that's always fun :)

Here's some more Christmassy photos from around the house (not very good quality, but like I said, I baked all day)...

And Charlie got a visit from his Grand-mummy Wiste today (and Zia KT and her friend Eveline). Fun was had by all. However, Charlie's fighting a little cold and teething perhaps? So he wasn't quite his normal self - even so, he has a hard time not smiling.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy to be.

This is a picture of Charlie yesterday, shortly after he rolled over for the first time. He is generally such a happy baby- such a joy to be around. He's chatting at me right now, so I'd guess I better go...


Monday, December 13, 2010

Now taking bets.

When do you think the first tooth will break through?

Busy, busy.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Holiday Season...

The snow just makes it feel more like the holidays. I'm finally excited to start decorating and Christmas shopping, baking, and making Charlie's first Christmas special. (Stockings are on the way!) Trav's holiday work party is tonight, so that should be fun.

I have several different occasions of photos to post (including baptism), but just haven't for lack of either time or motivation. Here's a few from Thanksgiving, which was fabulous because we were able to share it with so many family members and friends.

Liz and her brussel sprouts
Truman, making lefse (watch out for feisty Norwegians!)
Megan spilling secrets in Spanish to Charles

Lin, pouring the champagne
And Grandpa Wiste, showing Charlie the birds

Check out some additional lovely pics at Bill's zenfolio site (I love this one :).
Which also includes photos of Bill and Lin's farm, Meadowgate (which coincidentally is where my Grandma Wiste grew up, and is now a completely romantic hideaway complete with sheep and herding dogs).


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Seeing Red.

Red calf number two for the Wistes...

There will be another cow calving later this year that also has the possibilty; however we're not sure if the Mom has the Red gene.
Isn't he handsome?
There was such an overflow of milk around here that two semi-trucks were needed to haul it all away, another sight not often seen around here :)

And Charlie, taking a snooze (a sight that is often seen- in fact he's sleeping right now).

Friday, November 5, 2010

Truman and his Pumpkins. (p.s. TGIF)

Truman is starting to get famous for his pumpkins- this picture shows what he has left this year. And again he tried several new varieties. I thought I had better get this seasonal photo up- as it is unbelievably that time of the year again.
Pretty soon it will be Thanksgiving (and before that, Charlie's baptism).

Truman and my pumpkin
Truman will be Charlie's great-godfather/uncle (as he is my sponsor).

I also finished my first week back at work. I feel mostly caught up, as I have a somewhat smaller caseload, and my coworkers have been great. Its been tough, though, every day a little more so. There's always something tugging at my heart, and its almost like I've reverted back to my, not so far off ago, post-pregnancy emotional state. I'm such a mess sometimes, which makes me feel so ridiculous, because my life is wonderful!
I've been in discussions with my boss and her boss, working out my part-time status. Its so difficult- even though it does not seem like it should be (I just want to work part-time so I can be with my baby more!)- and not because of where I work. They are trying to accommodate me and my new restrictions, so to speak. I knew that I would probably take a pay-cut, lose my benefits and have to move to a foreign part of the company. But honestly, my options really aren't that great, and change, no matter how wonderful, is hard. And why should I have to be demoted, worry about my finances, insurance, disability benefits, retirement, career, etc. just because I've made this choice? It feels like I'm being punished. And now it sounds like I'm whining. Except, I know in my heart that this is the only thing that I want to do, and all of the negatives are nothing compared to being able to stay at home during this time in my child's life. Its going to be so worth it. (I know I say this a million times, but maternity leave would be so much better if it lasted for a full year.)

One interesting thing I've come to realize, is that every mother/parent goes through this struggle to some degree- making a choice, sacrificing something. I'd never realized that before. (And oh so many other things I've learned; naive little me.)


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

~Becky (and Trav and Charlie)

P.S. I have to go back to work tomorrow :( Charlie is 3 months old!
Time to take off my leggings and go back out into the real world for a while. Its just such a long time to be away from my baby...
But happily, its only for six weeks, and then I am only going to be working part-time.

P.P.S. Why are pictures in black and white and sephia so fun?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Instead of homework I cook/bake.

As a break during all of those arduous hours spent doing homework, I sometimes cook or bake My most recent project: sourdough bread. The picture below is my 'mother starter' or 'levain'. Is it strange that I'm thinking about naming her? She does live in my little pantry . . .

These 3 vessels pictured directly above contain my sourdough in 3 different stages. The levain/starter is on the furthest left. It lives on as long as I feed it. The middle was the jump-started version of the starter that I then mixed with flour, water and salt to make the dough on the furthest right which will soon become loaves of bread. Can't wait to pull those out of the oven!

Friday, October 15, 2010

All played out.

I think Charles looks a lot like Travis in this picture.
Just waking up from a nap...
Tummy time!
Charlie was having kind of a Parisian day.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Apple Squeezing Good Time.

Unfortunately I took these pictures when Dad was unloading his semi-load of big straw bales - all the work and no credit! (I realize there is a duplicate picture of Truman on here, but it won't let me delete it for some reason.) We also had Kali for the first time this year- and apparently she already has a job for next year :) so she had better keep her calendar open!



Charlie in the tub.

These pictures are from two different baths- one with Liz and Katie assisting (note all the hands), and one kind of late night bath, in which Charlie was so relaxed, he went to sleep (note the knitted organic cotton wash cloth, yarn from Blue Sky Alpacas- I'm working on a few more in two other different colors, as well).
And the last picture is Charlie, all fresh and clean, and ready for bed in his little sleeper.

PS- I've been using Mustela newborn products on Charlie, which I've been loving; it seems to enhance his baby smell, and he smells just incredible (I think we can all vouch for that). Plus its paraben, phthalate and phenoxyethanol free. However, so are Arbonne Baby Care (ABC) products, which Charlie received from Bill and Linda at the shower. I am so excited to try them out, too. Both products are European brands, I think Lin said that ABC is a Swiss product (which makes it so much cooler). Baby massage is all the rage, so we're going to try it out with some ABC oil, relieve all that stress in Charlie's life :)


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Old Home=New Adventures

Now that I've returned safe and sound what's my next move?? Graduate!! Well, don't hold your'll be at least another 2 semesters before that happens. In the meantime-

It begins fresh and white, shrivels with age but at the end explodes in your mouth. Sound like Charlie going through the digestive process? Really its Ricotta Salata, the love of my life (so is Charlie).

Anyone care to translate this? Photo taken from medieval manuscript. I'll eventually translate 5 lines of it (into italian).

My first ricotta made after my return. It is now sitting in my basement, aging. I'm hoping it will be just as flavorful as it's sicilian cousin (see above).

Love, Zia Katie