Friday, July 27, 2012

Goat Man.

I found this article unique and pertinent in some way to our blog.

Goat Man.

And the sort of disappointing follow up story.


*Well, now my post doesn't totally make sense because they seem to have replaced the first article, which was full of mystique, with the second article, so both links lead to the conclusion.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Hi ya'll!  Testing out the new blog setup here.  (I think this is going to work.  )

Anyhow, NEWS from NE bLACKhAMMER:

My new (in November - 2011 that is) washing machine is installed!  Yippee!  And it works AWESOME.  Thank you Brad Matthew Tostenson for surprising me Sunday morning by hooking it up. 

New problem:  it takes a lot more clothes to make a load.  UFF DA - what a Problem!

New opportunity:  a big gaping hole in the corner of the livingroom where the in-the-box washer resided as an unusually shaped shelf for my collection of cow bells.   Hmmmmmmm.


Monday, July 9, 2012


Enough leaking diaper nonsense... this ends today! I'm replacing elastic and velcro. And stripping diaper pads. I'm going to make these work until we're ready for pull-ups/training pants. Yeah! I love Grovia diapers, but there is a limit to how many wears you can get per cover before you can expect to do some diaper upkeep.


Charlie is sleeping-in this morning. I've heard him make noises a few times, but I never know what I should do with myself in situations like this, ha ha.

So I stripped the diaper pads and they came out looking SO clean. I guess it would make sense that I would need to do this more frequently as he is older/bigger/I've used quite a bit of diaper cream lately. I'm thinking I should just strip the diaper liners every time, keep them seperate and soak them prewash or something so they don't contaminate the diapers, which is sort of their role in the first place. Must start this now before his diaper pail is full and I have to sort through to find the liners I've already used, soak them and then wash diapers.

I had 2 plain jane diaper covers waiting to be re-velcroed for months. CHECK. But they won't last. I wonder where a person buys better quality velcro? Oh well, its not really that much work AND it got me back on my sewing machine (GOAL- to sew more things, preferably toddler boy clothing, sew cute, pun intended).

And I seam ripped out the velcro on the 4 grovia diaper covers that I had revelcroed a while back. Boy I sure sewed those suckers on there. Then I ran out of velcro. I'm considering not doing it and using baby safety pins, which is what I had been doing anyways, and Charlie likes the cute little animals on them.

Finally, I still need to re-elasticize them (just doing the 4, the snap one held up better, thinking I just didn't use it as frquently, but in retrospect I would purchase all snaps in the future). I will attempt to complete this tonight, as I need the diaper covers to use. I found this link-
which states that I do not need to remove the old elastic.

And that's all I know about diapers right now. Your supposed to blog about things that are happening in your life, right? Lizzie might be interested anyways. And your probably thinking, sounds like a lot of work, right? But so worth it for Charlie's little bum, and I've actually saved like $2000- 3000 dollars on diapers (by the time I'm done anyways). So, actually not so much work. Although now thinking of the fairly minimal cost of purchasing a few new covers, I would still be saving thousands.
Oh well, now I've saved another $50. I'm already making money today.



Wednesday, July 4, 2012