Monday, November 23, 2009


Phew, we've been busy- this is sort of a synopsis of whats been goin' on lately, on the Wiste farm (and of course there is so much more).

This is Roy Rogers-he happened on Saturday.

Do you like our new walk-in refrigerator/freezer?

Love, Mom and Becky

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Getting ready for Italy!!

I had quite the adventure Wednesday trying to get to the Honorary Italian Consulate in St. Paul to have my VISA application gone over. Long story short, I initially went to the wrong address and, after calling the Consulate himself directions (phone number thanks the Tim Blanski - you saved the day), proceeded to walk Becky-while-shopping-style (all of you have experienced this know how fast it truly is) for 2.1 miles. I arrived, late, as usual, got my application signed, and headed back to Grand Ave to explore the new cheese store, get another beer kit, and purchase some delectable truffles. After all the walking it was nice to relax on a bench while enjoying by pastrami and clothbound cheddar on ciabatta sandwich (the St. Paul Cheese Shpo is HIGHLY recommended). The funniest thing about my trip was when I was nearly to Montreal Ave. (and since I don't know this part of St. Paul well I had no idea that I was so near) I saw a road sign for a Rome Avenue. I thought, "I must be near, I just made it to Rome!" Lo and behold, Montreal was the next road. Prophetic perhaps?

I also bought my tickets. SO, I am officially going from Jan. 5 to July 8 - - a long, long time.

Becky, I thought you might enjoy these new found Italian words:
lavorare a maglia - to knit
un diritto, un rovescio - knit one, purl one

See you all at Giorno di Ringraziamento (Thanksgiving)!!!!
Love, Katie