Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hannah gives birth

Hannah before she had her baby pigs.

This is number three. Red with black dots.

This little pig is coming backwards.

Here is all 15 of them. Hannah looks pretty content.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Right now I am...

Baking Bread. It's 80 degrees in the house, and I waited thinking the heat of the oven wouldn't be so bad this late in the day. I'm still getting used to this new weather! Its a Mixed Grain batch, so besides the normal white and wheat flour, it also includes corn meal and oatmeal. It looks pretty- I sprinkled it with a few oatmeal specs prior to baking, but not sure how this humidity is affecting the rise. I'm trying out some new prototypes for the farmer's market (and for us- I'm reading The Village Baker). I don't know if the "regular" loaf varieties will sell as well as the artisan loaves baked on stone.
Everyone else in the house is sleeping- Charlie fell asleep at the neighborhood watch meeting, after singing to everyone. It was perfect timing; they asked if anyone else had something to say, and he obliged. Not much else was going on in the neighborhood anyways, just some complaining about bushes, the new round-about, and discussion on same-sex marraige. Then we went home and he settled into sleep (in a summer romper no less).
If I wanted to turn on the air, I'd have to deal with the hive some bee's built in the switch box outside. Not sure about that one. There were a couple of cells in it last year, so I just used the end of a wooden spoon. Now I can't even see the switch, although it did not look very active.

Til' next time,