Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Apple Squeezing Good Time.

Unfortunately I took these pictures when Dad was unloading his semi-load of big straw bales - all the work and no credit! (I realize there is a duplicate picture of Truman on here, but it won't let me delete it for some reason.) We also had Kali for the first time this year- and apparently she already has a job for next year :) so she had better keep her calendar open!



Charlie in the tub.

These pictures are from two different baths- one with Liz and Katie assisting (note all the hands), and one kind of late night bath, in which Charlie was so relaxed, he went to sleep (note the knitted organic cotton wash cloth, yarn from Blue Sky Alpacas- I'm working on a few more in two other different colors, as well).
And the last picture is Charlie, all fresh and clean, and ready for bed in his little sleeper.

PS- I've been using Mustela newborn products on Charlie, which I've been loving; it seems to enhance his baby smell, and he smells just incredible (I think we can all vouch for that). Plus its paraben, phthalate and phenoxyethanol free. However, so are Arbonne Baby Care (ABC) products, which Charlie received from Bill and Linda at the shower. I am so excited to try them out, too. Both products are European brands, I think Lin said that ABC is a Swiss product (which makes it so much cooler). Baby massage is all the rage, so we're going to try it out with some ABC oil, relieve all that stress in Charlie's life :)


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Old Home=New Adventures

Now that I've returned safe and sound what's my next move?? Graduate!! Well, don't hold your'll be at least another 2 semesters before that happens. In the meantime-

It begins fresh and white, shrivels with age but at the end explodes in your mouth. Sound like Charlie going through the digestive process? Really its Ricotta Salata, the love of my life (so is Charlie).

Anyone care to translate this? Photo taken from medieval manuscript. I'll eventually translate 5 lines of it (into italian).

My first ricotta made after my return. It is now sitting in my basement, aging. I'm hoping it will be just as flavorful as it's sicilian cousin (see above).

Love, Zia Katie

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sorry Pops.

Charlie's got high hopes for this season.

Actually, when we bought our television we got free store credit on, and Trav plans to use it to even things out with something Viking's. We have to play it fair around here- but until then, Go Packers!

In other news...

Trav's grandmother crocheted this beautiful baby blanket for Charlie- we sent her this picture today.

And Charlie and Meow are getting closer. We never shoved Charlie in Meow's face, and she doesn't seem to really pay much attention to him most of the time- her main concern is trying to sneak into the bedroom. We let her be in there now, but only when we're awake. I don't know that she would even try to sleep with him, but now that its getting colder out you just never know. Anyways, today I put Charlie by her on the bed, where she was taking a cat-nap. I'm pretty sure she never even noticed him. Actually he didn't really notice her either.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sweet Charlie.

So far, we've learned that Charlie loves to be held; especially tummy time with his dad. He also loves his plush swing- often he just sleeps in it, but he was awake all morning looking at himself in the mirror while the mobile of baby lambs twirled around his pretty little face.
He also has the sweetest little lips I've ever seen, especially when he's sleeping and they just droop down because he is so totally relaxed. And he can fall asleep at the drop of a hat; anywhere, at any time. He's sleeping in my lap right now- which means I should also get to bed, while I can.

Sweet dreams...