Thursday, October 1, 2009


A few random thoughts...

Picture of my new bowling shoes- We've been bowling for about 5 weeks now, and I think I am progressively getting worse, instead of better. I had a 188 a few weeks ago, in one game, a long with some other pretty good scores (which got my handicap really low); but now I'm pushing to get over 130 again, and have gotten under 100 several times (and with my handicap, it sucks even worse).
My next game is dedicated to my Mummy. She supports me even though I swim crooked and belly-dive, I can't seem to be able to properly use breaks on roller blades or my bicycle, and through my short-lived careers in gymnastics (KT is much better) and wrestling, just to name a few examples of my non-graceful approach to most sports. Needless to say, 188 was pretty amazing, but we'll see how the rest of the "season" plays out (its about another 7 months, so one would think I'd be really really good by that time, or really really bad the way things are going).

We do seem to have a pretty good time, though, so I guess that's the point. We even have our own group of cheerleaders that yell supportive comments at us, as we walk out the door of the bar (Schneip's Bar is our sponsor, and that's where we meet every week).*The stars glow in the dark.

This is the little baby sweater I knit for our friends' baby; we got to meet her last week, and she was about the best and cutest baby I've ever met. She was very laid back and smiley.

And, I realized I hadn't posted Meow since she grew her one white whisker; she's very wise now. She's been a sweetheart since its so chilly- she gets so cuddly when she wants a little body heat.