Thursday, March 31, 2011

Charlie’s toy box.

3-30-11 009I love it when everyone is blogging! Thanks for keeping us going here Mum (see also The Lingens and (insert clever title here)).

Percy and Steve brought Charlie’s new curtain and toy box down on Sunday, completing Charlie’s nursery (I guess he needs a floor play rug yet, and I might rearrange his wall art slightly, but close enough). I don’t think the pictures quite do it justice, but aren’t the Lingen boys handsome? (Charlie’s getting wild.)

The toy box isn’t attached to the wall, which is very clever, as it can move with us. Its already full of toys! But I can just see Charlie curling up to read in his window seat, with a view of Sugar Loaf Bluff, when he gets a little bigger.

3-29-11 192

3-29-11 091

For now, he’s more into eating books than reading them. Although he does enjoy being read to, and we’re currently reading through "The Season's of Henry's Farm"; which I highly recommend, as does Trav and Mother Earth News Magazine. In fact, reading this book may have been what prompted Trav to plant several types of seeds outside yesterday (that and his dad bought him a ground thermometer at Menards, and I’m pretty sure he has a bad case of Spring Fever- he even drove his motorcycle to school today, though he called between his lecture and lab to say he may need a ride later, as it was acting up).


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Big Boy.

Every time his Mummy can catch him at it. ~Becky

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Before milking

Polly before she gets milked. She has a nice silkly udder, and is easy to milk.
Our first new mom who lost her babies because they came too early. She likes to get milked. She also is fun to milk and has a nice udder too.
The last three that were born. They love to run around the milking stand as I am trying to milk.
These are the oldest ones that get fed the milk from their mothers. They are sure growing. Sometimes they run around the pen and jump off the wall.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Busy time in the goat barn

This Mom had three one large 9 lbs and the other two were 6 lbs . One doe and two bucks.
Ivory had two, 10 lbs each, one doe and one buck.

Here is a new Mom. Larry raised her last year and named her Polly. She had one big buck.

Here is our first kids of the season. Oreo had one doe and one buck.