Thursday, March 31, 2016

New Baby Kids

 Here is Rose and her baby. The other one is behind the white one.
 Here is a better one  of  both of Rose's babies. She is a good Mom.
 Here is Petunia and her baby. As you can see she is a hungry baby.
This is Petunia's baby she likes to lay under the wagon. She thinks she is hiding.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

And then there was light.

Lots of things happening around here lately. Between kidding and construction  I've barely had time to cook and do laundry (poor Ryan has to fend for himself, and even makes meals for me sometimes). Here's some pictures to give you an idea...

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Babies and Building...Business Booming?

Here are some long over due pictures of the progress we've made in the creamery, parlor and milk house. Pretty much all of the walls are up (just the finishing touches in the aging room and bathroom left), and I've painted a primer on the plywood in the utility room and office. You'll notice that the cement in some  places looks very grey - that's because I've painted it with a epoxy paint to make it more cleanable. I also painted the curb of the parlor platforms, and I think it looks rather nice. Also, there were 2 more baby goats born today! The mother is Nutmeg, this is her 3rd lactation. I'm very excited to say that she had 2 girls! Not only does she have a nice udder, she is half Nubian and thus has a very high butter fat and protein average (which makes more cheese!). Nancy Reagan (black, La Mancha ears) was born first, and then Lady Bird Johnson  (brown, normal ears!, and wattles). Way to go, Nutmeg!