Monday, July 29, 2013

The countdown has begun.

We haven't had any craft projects around here for awhile, so we decided it was time. It's not the fanciest countdown calendar, but it will suffice. Charlie's pretty excited for his party and likes to talk about it, so now we have a visual for counting down the days.

See you in 6 days!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rock N' Roll Charlie.

Give this boy a guitar, and he will play it for hours. He says that he still prefers the banjo. Not sure if its because TaTa plays the banjo or possibly because the strings are looser. Or maybe he prefers the sound, the twang, that good old-fashioned bluegrass feel? He does like Mumford and Sons...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Just a few more "Welcome Juniper" pictures.

This time from the Wiste/Zimmermann side...

 Lot's of Grandma pictures, but of course Grandma and YaYa have been the most frequent visitors. We sure enjoyed Mum, Truman and TaTa's visits this past weekend! And cute adorable cousin pictures. The only thing better would be a picture of 3 cute sleeping cousins, so we'll have to try to get one when Liz's baby is born. Big boy Ronin will be able to have one baby on each side of his lap by that point!

Trav also turned 29, so of course 29 candles. He had a little extra help blowing them out this year.
And tucking the kids in... at night if Juniper is with us at bed time, I tuck them in together before they both turn in for the night. Charlie sure loves his baby sister.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Flood Related

Here's what you can do with a Brad-sized bulldozer.  That's Chad in the former mudslide for perspective.  Brad had to put "steps" in it to hold the new rocks and dirt.  I'm glad I didn't watch him do this - YIKES!  (This spot is on Gilbertson Dr.)  Mudslides sure are amazing when you consider the force that was behind all that rock and debris when it sheared off the hill.  Tell Charlie to start practicing:)
Mudslide before work began.

Truman's poor old haybine.

It's upside down and over 1/2 a mile away from where Truman last parked it!

Monday, July 15, 2013

By request...

But first...Clarence feeds HIMSELF!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

"I need YaYa."

Says Charlie this morning. He has limited vocabulary, and I think he means he misses having her here- he got a little used to waking her up in the morning. I told him what I always have to remind myself, since we live in a city away from our family... time spent with people you love is never long enough, but you just have to enjoy the heck out them while you get them. 
I am currently blogging with blanched broccoli in the sink, a fritatta in the oven (originally I was planning on cold cereal), and the baby actually sleeping in her bassinet. The boys have been in the garden since 6 a.m. Why are we up so early? One would assume baby J, but you would be wrong (she slept 6 hours in a row last night! I know I shouldn't worry because she's gaining plenty, but is that okay?!? new mom anxiety). 
Charlie was up at 5:30 a.m. and woke that baby girl right up. She was at about 3 and a half hours that time. I probably could have slept until 7 a.m. this morning! Oh well, then I wouldn't have been so productive. Don't call to see how I am doing later... we'll all be napping.


 So, safe to say that Charlie had a lot of fun over the past week (note tattoos and cupcakes; there were also bubbles, sidewalk chalk, hide and seek, shopping and eating out, to name a few). But now Daddy's got his (garden) partner in crime back- you can catch them green-handed, ha ha.
I can't believe that Juniper is already over 2 weeks old (and, ahem, 9 pounds!!!).

Another new thing, which of course my pictures do not do justice... my kitchen island, and Charlie's mini kitchen, courtesy of Grandpa Steve. I can't believe how spoiled we are, so spoiled in fact, I haven't really used it yet. YaYa did all of my cooking this week. If you are wondering what to do for a new Mom, the nicest thing you can do is cook for her. We also enjoyed so many types of fruit this week, which was a treat as well as refreshing, healthy for Mom and fun for Charlie.
I may not have used my island much yet, but Charlie has used the heck out of his. He's been washing vegetables and fruit in his sink (stainless steel bowl, which is removable so we can dump it) and cooking up a storm. He sat on his stool and watched his (mini) cupcakes bake, and then insisted they go in his oven afterwards. They are getting a little hard now, but he's still eating them. After all, they probably taste better since he made them "himself". I'll have to review my island with a few better pictures when I've used it more and rearranged my kitchen things to fit my drawers. Its funny how in a rut you get, or anyways how used to where things are, its a little tough to move things around! Oh, but I'll adjust to the extra storage all right. Currently I have an extra drawer! How does that happen?

Enjoy your lovely day! (Lot's of exclamation points this morning!)


Monday, July 8, 2013

Papa milking cows.

New baby chicks.

 The baby goats are getting bigger.
The baby pigs are getting so big that they can't eat in one pan any more.

Clarence and Liz say hi to Charlie.

Charlie the cat and his friends are taking a nap.

Happy Birthday Juniper!





These pictures are just from Juniper's birthday... I think I will split my pictures up in a few posts to make it easier and less time consuming (surprisingly or not, I have less free time these days!). So, here's our story in pictures, starting with my laboring at home. It cracks me up that Trav and my Mum look so tired, because they did get up very early, but both were napping in the early morning hours while I was contracting, getting things ready and making waffles (good distractions from labor pains)! But it all went pretty smoothly and, well, here she is :) Charlie loves her and we are blessed to have TWO sweet children. Juniper pretty much started smiling from the moment I held her.
Kali helped Charlie pick out a present for Juniper (and she already had one for him)- he chose pink John Deere socks, so he's helping to put them on, not changing her diaper (I had to look twice until I realized, because Daddy hasn't done that many diapers yet).
Ta Ta from the happy, busy, sleepy Lingen house,