Saturday, October 29, 2011

So... Its been a while.

The baby pigs have grown up since the last time I blogged (since the last time anyone on here has blogged)!

So they take these adorable naps where they, literally, hogpile on top of each other.

Farmer Charlie

He might just be a farmer, he LOVES animals. (Granted he loves smelling things lately, so that is the sign of a future career in what? designing a cologne or becoming a chef?)

Sorry I've been so behind on blogging pics of Charlie- I take so many this is actually a good outlet for a few favorites. I promise to try harder in the future. That's not a great guarantee, but hey, we stay pretty busy.

Poor Charlie is working on growing a molar (his cheeks always get so rosy when he's teething). I feel bad for him because he's obviously not feeling quite himself, but he's just so darn cute and loves to cuddle.

He's such a honey. I keep feeling like this is the best age.