Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring - 2012.

1 year ago

There will be grass!  (This is last year.)

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Chimichanga Challenge. (or What Trav did with his one day off.)

 Chula Vista in Winona has deal that if you can eat 3 (BIG) chimichangas (1 beef, 1 chicken, 1 spicy) AND a huge plate of rice, you get it for free. You get one hour, and you can't get up from the table.

I honestly thought Trav could polish it off, no problem. It didn't really look THAT impressive. I've seen him eat before; normally I have to feed him. He did pretty good, though. He finished the chimichangas off fairly easily, and within the first 20 or so minutes; but that's when he started to feel full. And it turned out to be a LOT of rice. He still had 15 minutes or so left, but decided that since it wasn't going to happen, he might as well stop while he wasn't feeling too awful. The waiter said that the four people that have actually accomplished this challenge (in about the last 3 years), usually start out by cutting everything up and mixing it all together, so the rice is mixed up with the chimichangas, and the spicy taco is mellowed out. Plus they eat it all within the first 25 minutes. He said if you save the rice for last, there's no way, and it expands in your stomach. He said Trav made it farther then he's seen anyone do for a while, though. Trav decided that he has met his match (I guess that's why I thought this would be no problem, I've never actually seen him be too full before! Perhaps its age? A couple of years ago, or at least when he was a teenager, he totally could have done this.)

And brewing beer with Charlie. Charlie loves to help, but it can be challenging to keep him from touching things after I've sanitized them. He's also gotten really bossy lately, and I'm sort of at a loss on how to deal with that. Must be an oldest child thing :)



He loves those Carhartt bibs, but they are major high-waters at this point. Still, so cute. Charlie loves to be outside.

(Stupid picture orientation!)


Monday, April 8, 2013

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Little boys.

Say Cheese!

I think Charlie was rubbing Clarence's back in this one. It reminded me of when Liz used to brush my hair. I should have liked it, but it ticked me off. Now I would let her brush my hair or rub my back.

Charlie the builder- they put an "engine" together. Later, while Trav was at work, Charlie took it back apart. I guarantee he'll be begging for help to put it back together again tomorrow, and Trav will sit there explaining how to change the direction on his cordless drill.

I love little boys, and little boy's bibs!

Vermont Sharp.

Hoffman's Sharp Vermont Cheddar Cheese. I felt I should note we have still been eating new cheeses, I just have a difficult time thinking of things to say about it. This one tasted like... sharp cheddar. Everyone ate it in a variety of fashions (loved it with apples, but we're sadly out of apples again, and tomato soup, and we're almost out of that, too! plus plain and on sandwiches). One block really lasted for quite a while.